2015 Grant Recipients

The four organizations receiving grants in 2015 are: Achieving Dreams, Tyler, TX; The Good Samaritan Health Center, St. Johns County, FL; The Mahoning County Medical Society Alliance, Mahoning County, Ohio; and the Nueces County Medical Society Alliance, Corpus Christi, TX.

Achieving Dreams, whose mission in part is to enrich the lives of adults with special needs, received $1,000 for Achieving Healthy Steps and will use the AHEI funds to purchase equipment to develop exercise programs for their clients.
Download report here.

The Good Samaritan Health Center: Wildflower Clinic in St. Johns County, FL, will use their $1,300 grant funding to purchase medical equipment and supplies to serve the uninsured and low income populations of their county. This includes an outreach program offering healthcare to the homeless. Download report here.

The Nueces County Medical Society Alliance has partnered with Del Mar College and the South Texas Family Planning and Health Corporation for the “Young Adult Vaccine Initiative, no kid left behind due to lack of vaccines”.   They will use the $1,400 grant funds to purchase the meningococcal vaccine to be given to low income college freshmen. Download report here.

The Mahoning County Medical Society and Alliance in partnership with the Akron Children’s Hospital, Mahoning County, will use their $1,300 in grant funds for their “Safe Sleep Program”. The goal is to reduce the number of babies in the Mahoning Valley who die in an unsafe sleep environment. Download report here..